Original Glenn's

Bistro bar since 1992
Honest reviews

Reviving the Mala strana Food and Party Scene.

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American restaurateur Glenn Spicker wants to revive Malá Strana's nightlife scene

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The cocktail club

the cocktail club you've always wanted

Our story

Welcome to OG...Original Glenn’s...Tex Mex Bistro since 1992.

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∞Eat—drink— sleep— repeat∞Eat—drink— sleep— repeat∞Eat—drink— sleep— repeat∞

Open hours

Mon - Fri
9 AM - 11 PM
Sat - Sun
11 AM - 11 PM

Kitchen 11 - 22/23
Bar open until you leave.


+420 792 889 942
[email protected]

Malostranske Nam. 264/7, Prague

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Come and have fun at our sister bar and jazz club around the corner U Maleho Glena.

Visit u malého glena