Our story

Glenn’s...Tex Mex
Bistro since 1992.

Back in the early 90’s two Glenn’s came to Prague. Canadian Glenn opened Jos’ Bar right where you are now. American Glenn countered with Little Glenn’s or U Maleho Glena in Czech, around the corner from here, with a Jazz Club and restaurant still in operation today.

In fact U Maleho Glena is the longest currently running Expator foreign owned Bar or Restaurant in the city’s history. Both Glen’s went on to open other places around town and 30 years later you can still find Agave Fine Mex in Old Town, Burrito Locos scattered around the city, Bukowski Bars, and even the Museum of Communism.

Jo’s was the first though and that’s why American Glenn decided to take it over after the pandemic, revive it, and call it Original Glenn’s for fun. Some old timers remember it as Jo’s...either way the Tex-Mex good times watering hole is back in action. Enjoy your meal.